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Commission a Pencil Drawing, Original Artwork

If you are interested in having me draw something for you send me an e-mail at duey@dueysdrawings.com with a reference picture. Make sure the picture is a decent size and detailed (remember I can only draw what I see so if the detail is low, the detail in the drawing will be low). We will then make all the arrangements concerning size and medium. I require a 50% down payment before I will start any work. When that is received, I will start your work. Throughout the rendering process I will send you updates just to show you where I'm at with the work. When the work is done I will send you one last e-mail with the finished product. If you are satisfied with the work I will make preparations to send the drawing. At this point the remaining 50% will be paid. Usually, most drawings take me about a week to complete (depends on size and medium). Please keep in mind that I do recieve other orders also so if you would like the work by a certain date, give me ample time to create. Thank you for checking out my site and considering a commission.

Dry Media

Graphite Colored Pencil Charcoal Pastel Painting
5"x7" $220.00 $260.00 $260.00 $280.00
8"x10" $290.00 $330.00 $330.00 $350.00
9.5"x12" $370.00 $390.00 $390.00 $410.00
11"x14" $630.00 $650.00 $650.00 $680.00
$830.00 $850.00 $850.00 $880.00
14"x20" $930.00 $950.00 $950.00 $980.00
Bigger Contact Contact Contact Contact

Wet Media

Oil Painting
5"x7" $390.00
8"x10" $450.00
9"x12" $540.00
11"x14" $740.00
12"x16" $850.00
16"x20" $950.00
Bigger Contact

*framing and matting add $50.00
*customer pays shipping and handling charges

When you order a drawing from me you are purchasing a very fine, detailed piece of artwork. All of my drawings are done on Fabriano hotpressed illustration board. This board is acid free and 100% cotton which means it will not fade or yellow and will stand the test of time. For added protection I spray all of my works with UV absorbing fixative also.

All of my drawings are insured for their full value upon shipping. Life is unpredictable and I insure just in case something were to happen during transit. So neither the customer nor myself would be out the money.

I do offer framing and matting services also. I am able to offer framing and matting at such an inexpensive price because I have the hardware to cut my own mattes. Typically, I do black frames with white mattes. Most customers do request this service.


I've done projects for clients all over the world. Here are some comments from customers of mine:

- "It's stunning. Completely, absolutely stunning. I'm riveted to it. It's been sitting on my desktop for hours and I still can't get over how good it looks. For me to make a comment on any one aspect of the drawing at this point would be doing it - and you - a disservice, because there's nothing about it that I don't like. I'm aware that you receive many favourable remarks on your site, and I fear that any coming from me mean nothing to you, but please believe me: I am flabbergasted by your talent." - Michael Conaty, Dublin, Ireland

- "The drawing is absolutely amazing. I am, for lack of a better term, speachless. There's so much going through my mind at the moment, that I know that any attempt to get it out in any sort of intelligent and coherent statement not only would be an utter failure, but would only come out sounding akin to 'dude!, you rock!'" - Nathan King, Quakertown, Pennsylvania

- "Brian, it looks great. Thanks for the beautiful picture." -Linda Armstrong, Coppell, Texas

- "Got the drawing today...just wanted to say thank you. It's perfect!!!!" - Diane Navas, Bohemia, New York

- "I just wanted to let you know that your drawing you did for me back in June was a HUGE hit. Thank you so much." - Krista Tasch, Surprise, Arizona

- "Thanks!! It looks Fabulous!!!! They all look so good! Thanks again for doing such an awesome job and getting it done in time! You should be very proud of your gift (and to think I struggle with drawing stick people)!" and in a seperate e-mail once customer recieved the drawing, "Just wanted to let you know they got it yesterday! It made my mother-in-law cry! They absolutely loved it!" - Lynn Matesi, CO

- "Heya, I received it last week, I was in Poland at the time so i just got to open it today....AWESOME!! You really have a gift and you should persue it! It is just spectacular! Thanks a million!" - Patricia Bailey, Diegem, Belgium

- "Hi Brian, what can I say…the picture is so much better that I could have hoped for, you’ve managed to make it so life like, just working from a photo. Thank you so much!" - Zara Traynor, London, UK

- "The drawing arrived and it is in perfect condition.....my husband LOVED it! Brought tears to his eyes. I loved it too. It will be something my daughter will be able to keep in the later years. Thank you so much. You truly have a gift. - Shelly Lynn Nellis, Ontario, Canada

- "Brian, I received the drawing today. I have to say it looks amazing and even better than I imagined! I am VERY happy with the work, and you captured his features perfectly! I also really really appreciate you having it done so soon. I am incredibly satisfied with the work and I will undoubtedly recommend you to others. And possibly have another commission for you in the future, as another black lab will be joining our family soon, and now we know to get a lot more puppy pics as well. Thank you so much Brian and Happy Holidays! I thought you might appreciate this: Today I went to lunch with some friends and was telling them about the drawing commission and then showed them the picture on my phone. And my friend says, "Oh nice, did Brian Duey do that?" He draws as well, and knew your artwork well. Thanks for everything" - John Vanderpool, Colorado

"Hello Brian, My name is Kerry, and I am the sister of the subject in this piece. Let me just start off saying thank you for all of your hard work and the ability to get this piece complete in time for Thanksgiving. It felt so good to be able to present this portrait to Mom and Dad with the entire family there. As far as the portrait....there are no words to describe what you have given me. What you have given my family. It is amazing and no matter what I write, the words will never do it justice. It is so real and life like. Especially the eyes. I stare at it every day. I miss him so much and the thought of never seeing him again takes my breathe away. But looking at his portrait gives me a sense of peace, I feel like a part of him is somehow captured in that portrait and I am so very thankful to you for giving me that gift. You are a wonderful artist and I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world and a very prosperous 2012." - Kerry Brink, Coloma, Michigan

"Hi Brian, Sorry for the way-too-late email thanking you for the portrait you did of my nephew. The presentation to my sister and her husband brought both tears of joy and sadness to everyone present. He will be painfully missed and his portrait will bring comfort to his family in many ways. Working with you in the creation of the portrait was an extremely positive experience. You were sensitive to our grief and accommodated our fine-tuning adjustments to get the portrait as true to Eric as possible. You worked to meet our Thanksgiving deadline and even went the extra mile of delivering the artwork to a half-way meeting point at the last minute. I would highly recommend your talent to anyone looking for a piece of art. Thank you for sharing your talent." - Jim Cordaro, Minnesota

Me presenting Detroit Lions player, Cliff Avril with his finished drawing in 2010