Post Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:40 am

New artist on the block - Liron!

Hey people!

My name is Liron. It is pronounced Lee-ron, or Lee-rone. Whichever you prefer (:
I was born and raised in Israel, but have always had many connections with people abroad.

I have been drawing ever since was able to hold a pencil. I have recently started working ferociously on my skills, in order to accelerate my growth in abilities. My main 'niches' are pencil / pen sketching and realism, but hell, I have been limiting myself for so long, and decided it is time to whip out the water colors, pastels etc...!

I am currently running a how to draw blog, and have recently published my first eBook! Which (kinda?) makes me a published author? (:

Besides drawing I am really into self development and traveling!

I would be thrilled to finally make some friends who share the same hobbies / passions / goals in life, and this looked like a great place to do so. Nice to meet you all!

And sorry if I wrote too much =P

- Liron
Feel free to ask me anything, and I'll do my best to help!