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Best ways to learn how to draw?

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Re: Best ways to learn how to draw?

i want to learn how to draw..

and learn the easiest way to draw..^_^


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Re: Best ways to learn how to draw?

I did both is well,,draw from imagination,,it is fun coz u got no limits,,u draw whetever u want or imagine and do it however u feel its right,,there are no rules or proportions laws how things has to be (see paintings from dali).
but drawing from reference makes u feel really good coz the fact u have done something extraordinary what not too many ppl can do, which is impresive.
However,,my advice for somebody who is just about to start drawing is that draw what u see,,so this way u learn and memorising the world around you,,which then can be only a benefit if you try to imagine something u wanna draw or paint where there is no reference
hope it helped
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Re: Best ways to learn how to draw?

When I started drawing faces I practiced drawing the feature separately like the eyes, noses etc then I moved on to shading, then proportion and finally put it all together. My first attempt was really bad but over time I'd like to think I've gotten better. :)
Also if you draw on a sketchpad, keep all your drawings so you can see how much you've improved, it's great to keep you motivated. :)


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Re: Best ways to learn how to draw?

I was mostly self taught. But later, when I added academic drawing to my knowledge base.. things really started to get good.

Books are great. I'm writing one myself about my methods. having said that; It's good to also see someone else working.... which is why I'm also shooting a video of my process.

We have a Kickstarter drawing course going till March 21st 2013 if you're interested:


Also, Imaginative drawing is great and can have fantastic results but if they are drawn without even a slight reference to an experience in the world such as a photo, they can be a bit wobbly. Reference promotes intellect and accuracy.. No reference promotes emotional, flowing lines. You need both I find.



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Re: Best ways to learn how to draw?

Ok, how do you think - which is the best way - books, online, workshops, school, practice?

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