Post Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:57 pm

Inspiration issues

Hi there.
I'm new here so first of all hello everyone.
Second of all, my girlfriend has some inspiration issues.
She's a wonderful artist (You should really check her deviantART page-) She never had this problem for so long. She is really actually upset by it, as it has been going on for about a year (ever since she discovered she needed to have surgery for something, which she still hasn't done).
Now I don't really consider myself an artist.. I play instruments and I draw some, but I wouldn't really consider myself an artist, even if she does. I have TRIED to inspire her (although not too much, if I am to be honest) but it doesn't work. I'm watching her draw as I'm typing this, and she is actually satisfied with it so far, but it seems to me what she lost will need a bit more help.
So, in conclusion I would really welcome any advice you might have, or if you feel like it, drop a comment on her DA page that might help her.. nothing too revealing though! she doesn't know I'm writing this. So something along the lines of "Hey that's great! I usually use /inserthere/ as an inspiration myself" would be good.

Thanks in advance!