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If someone cares....

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Monitor Tanned
Monitor Tanned

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Post Thu May 17, 2007 3:35 am

4th I'm not trying to have a mouth full about honesty; I still believe honesty is individual bounded. Apparently your honesty in this is not mine. And whether you like it or not; there will always be pricks around at any forum, like you always have idiots at parties, bars etc.... So this drama thing you will encounter sooner or later again. That's life!

5th I do agree with the fact you don't know for sure someones TRUE intention. Not a 1000000 icons can estate or prove that. It is a mondeal fact and proven billions of times that nothing is what it seems. You don't know it in real-life either, and believe me, my life XP says alot how evil people can be. It is why fear exists. You don't know my experience so you just may not conclude me on this as well I don't have the right to do it with you. But at least we both agree on having Jake back for the SAME reason and same conditions! Please do not forget that! I don't owe the wisdom aswell as you for that matter. But at least I'm willing to try this to interpretate this positively and think of Jakes good side, while you guys forgetting it and only think: Phew, he is gone! It is called objectivity and FAITH in someone.

6th And if I was so make Jake glue together, why do I tell here wide and open that I enjoyed it after he was kicked out in the beginning in addition I said that it was pretty lame of me? Think you trust too much on your diplomatic experience, rather then your life experience for what I call logical inductive redenation. I admit it works alot of times, but in my lifeconfrontations it has proven me that it is for standard conditions. You can't place people in one cage. Considering me to pride myself is just as hypothetical spoken aswell the fact that I said Jake could be actually nice. Has he have been rude to me b4? NO! I only was aggrovated by his early judgement on several people. If you don't believe me in this, well then that is your problem. Or doesn't he at least deserve that chance? Yes, because you said it yourself! And I'm not denying your knowledge here, nor attacking it (please let that be no misunderstanding); it might be very true that you have the knowledge and experience above us, to regognize this type of arguments and knowing what to do and to anticipate in preventing this in the next future . I believe you for that right away and I certainly respect you for that if you understand what I trying to say here.


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Post Thu May 17, 2007 11:34 am

Alright. This issue is dead. It's been resolved. Please don't start any more threads about this. 8)

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