Post Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:38 pm

Another Dane´s request

Hi everyone

Lasse from Denmark here.

I joined this forum because im looking for inspiration for a tattoo I want. While looking around, reading some of the threads I saw the thread from Mie, from Denmark, and I got ashamed about her attitude, so please dont judge me on her behavior.

However in princip I seek the same thing, or almost the same thing. Well here we go.

Here is a little background information about me and why I want this tattoo.

A long story short.
about 5 years ago i got a depression which almost brought me down to take the decision to take my own life, before i reconized that I needed help. I got help from my doctor and I went on medication. Since then life has been up and down, with divorse, more suicidal tendencies, trying different kind of medication and therapy.

Now I have finally found some medicine that really helps me and make my life stable and im now able to focus on more than the basic things in life, work, food, sleep and staying alive.

Im looking for inspiration to a tattoo that will tell a story about lifes fight against death, a story about love and defeat. I like skulls, dragons, hearts and blood.

I prefere black, maybe with a some red.

I know this is not easy, and I know that one can not just take a drawing and make a tattoo out of it, but it is also only inspiration I seek.

I hope that someone here will help me with this.

best regards

Lasse from Denmark :-)