Post Mon May 19, 2014 4:46 am

Newbie here!need suggestions!

Hi all!

This is Aditya from india,mumbai.I'm new to this forum!I've been drawing since i was a kid!but i'm not a professional.I want to get better.I'm 17 years old.Here are some of my pencil sketches that i have made.Need your reviews on this pics.And how can i make my drawing look more realistic?How much time should i take to complete one portrait?i usually take 3-4 hours to complete one.It's very difficult to find H pencils.B pencils are quite common here and kneadle eraser too,is ver rare to find.So i use a normal eraser and a 0.9 size pen pencil to draw and 3b pencil to shade.I use a piece of a cloth to do blending.
My questions are:
1)How should i start to draw a face?I can draw directly without taking proportions,or proportions are necessary to take?What is the correct way to take proportions?
2)where to do hatching,cross hatching and squirkling?
3)How to make drawing look more realistic?
4)how to draw eyebrows,hair and nose,and lips too?in a proper way?

Any kind of help will be appreciated!
here are some of my sketches: