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My graphite drawing of the female figure (critiques welcome)

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My graphite drawing of the female figure (critiques welcome)

Hi my name is Courtney I'm 14(in a few weeks) years old and I've been drawing for about 2-3 years trying for photo-realism. My family says my drawings are very good but I wanted a strangers look at it. I'm posting my latest drawing I have used a photo reference.


Materials used: Paper: Strathmore 9"x12" bristol smooth
Pencils:Design 2H graphite pencil for outline
Design 2B and 4B for shading and to clean up the outline
Erasers: Sakura electric eraser and oval Maped Epure vinyl eraser
Other: various blending stumps and fingers
Critiques are very appreciated! Thanky-you and God bless!


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Re: My graphite drawing of the female figure (critiques welc

I'm impressed, the proportions are satisfying and you have good representation of the structures under the skin and forms through your shading. Since you are striving for realism, I would say to stay away from dark borders for anything in your drawings as i notice you have one around the entire body. Also, the contrast could be bumped up quite a bit. The underwear is quite flat and needs some darker blacks and lighter areas to show the form of the pelvis and breasts.

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Re: My graphite drawing of the female figure (critiques welc

Awesome job! Looks really great - your shading is soft and delicate. Like cubexxx said, try not to go as heavy on the lines. Just use shading to emphasize where the body ends and the background begins - lines as bold as yours don't belong in realist portraits. But, they're great for cartoons!! (comics, caricatures, etc)
Keep drawing and posting!!! :)

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