Post Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:56 pm


Hi guys, My name is Richard from London

I am new to the community and have been using GIMP at a beginners level. But i am hoping someone could help me with a piece of art, although i can use the program, i lack the imagination.

My mate and i started a new Podcast called Come hither, we are creating a few episodes before we air them on youtube on my account SirReasoner. im a gamer and i upload games i play with friends la la la... The podcast is just people talking about topics we prepared. and time to time we will invite guests, either fans or actual youtube celebs ( when we can)

Our show as i have said, is called Come Hither, and i am hoping someone could come up with an art which could stand our thumbnail. We will give a shout out on every episode of our series. Something stating the name but a nice classy image, something like a good 1930 image like picture. Go wild and have fun with it, im not too fussy but in the end, although i said it is my mates and i's podcast, it is originally his, since i have the working computer and more skill than him on one, it was more viable for me to go through with it, but i dont have that much skill or any skill for this matter of drawing an actual work of art for our series

I would very much like any help for making such an image


Richard aka Reasoner