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Flower in Pencil

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Flower in Pencil

What do you think? Pointers? Image


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Re: Flower in Pencil

Darker ! lol You should spend some time with the darkest pencil u have like a 6b, it should be your best friend. but u can still get darker shades
with your standard 2hB's if your dont have one. and blend thos dark colors in :D

Nice work thus far. =D>


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Re: Flower in Pencil

It's good that you're posting your pictures up on to a forum to get your work out there! and this site is the perfect place to do it as it has so many tutorials that will help you progress.
Now I'm not saying this to be mean because I wouldn't like you thinking that in the slightest i'm only saying it because a few truths will help you go a long way and you'll progress so much, so quickly.

1) Hard lines - I wouldn't really draw something and rely on the outline as it makes it loose character and defenition and limits the potential of the drawing, we all used to do it at one point! It's just something to be aware of!

2) Shading - as the gentleman said above me you should really focus on darker contrasts this makes it easier to define the shadows and really get to grips with what you would aim to do, what it looks like is you've been trying to blend with your fingers (I used to do the exact same thing) the problem with this is that your fingers can get quite greasy and this will then make clumped up marks on the page that don't really fit with what you aim to do unless you're very light with your hands and make sure they're clean at all times, i reccomend an ear cleaner (Q-tip?) this blends the tones beautifully.

3) Rubbers/erasers I really would reccomend getting yourself some putty rubbers! you can have a lot of fun with these as they can really help you define your picture and give it different effects dependant upon the force you apply, they can also be moulded to the shape you need you need it for.

I hope this helped!.
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