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Pro Opinion Needed

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:30 am
by Phenom
Ok,so, as you can see I'm new to this forum, and even tho i do draw things here and there in my spare time, I'm not really that much into it, mostly because my creativity when it comes to artistic things is almost zero, even tho my drawing techniques aren't that bad but they are sort of more engineering-ish oriented. :)

What I would like you to help me with is give me an opinion on couple of drawings i have which were made by my friend. He thinks his drawing skills suck but i think they are pretty good and "advanced" considering how much time he puts into improving them, but I'm not really qualified enough to judge, and that's why i need your help :)

First, here is some relevant info about him: Didn't attend any art schools/classes, mostly draws fantasy stuff(influenced a lot by warcraft universe, and all the artwork related to it), does on average one drawing(similar to those below) every 2-3 months when he feels like it, meaning as i said before that he doesn't spend that much time honing his skills(almost none considering how much average "artist" does). One of the main reasons he doesn't do more work(or something more serious than fantasy/game stuff) is because he thinks his work ain't that good and he isn't really talented.

This one took about 10-12 hour, it's somewhere around 40x70cm.

This one was done in PS. Took about the same time as previous, but he did it in first 3-4 days of being introduced to Photoshop(never even opened it previously), using a mouse.

Now i know its difficult to judge somebodies overall talent based only on 2 drawings, but I'd like at least hear your opinion about them.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Pro Opinion Needed

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:44 pm
by stanya
because it is about fantasy worldi cant judge or make opinion about proportions,,but he is talented for sure especially lookin at his first hand made drawing where he did focused nicely on details,,just need to practice more and more and he can get only better. about the second pic as it is been done on pc cant really tell nothin about his drawing skills but he has got some imagination and creativity unless it has been copied from another picture from game or book cover or anything similar.
Practice make master,,if he or even u will spend more time on practicin in whatever u enjoy u can only get better as i said already :)

Re: Pro Opinion Needed

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:07 pm
by Russ
Top Artwork; Is this his own design or copied?
Standard is very good for what it is,whether Fantasy or Tattoo style.Some people are born with talent and others have to work at it,he/she obviously isn't driven enough to be too bothered..shame :(
Tell your friend to believe in him/herself,most Artists are their own worst enemies for beating themselves up.
As for you,Engineering background makes for a good eye for details,post some of your work.