Post Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:24 am

Hey there, I was wondering if you'd check out my anime film.

Hey there,

I know how that topic might sound to a lot of you, as I know that many here most likely appall anime and view it as corporate merchandising. I also understand that many of you will question why I'm posting this here on an art board.

What this is is actually a speed-drawn "digital pencil"-y film created over the course of 3 years of hammer in nail work and effort. The point of posting this in an art forum, is that the film took 1800 pictures to make, each of which had to be re-drawn again and again and again over the course of the production of the film. When I started production on the visuals, I didn't know how to draw, so I drew it out in storyboard form. Eventually, I went and filled it in enough to all be consistent and create an invention I call a "FilmComic".

I have worked on all of the voice acting acting (including the females), done all of the mixing including creating many of the sound effects, created all of the music, written the screenplay, and done all of the editing. My goal with this is to inspire artists of all kinds. It's my hope that those who decide to watch/read this through will be able to sit down and enjoy it in a personal way, kind of like a book.

To many of you this will be a little bit on the feminine side (as in cute/adorable), so I ask that if it's not your cup of tea please don't feel obligated to watch it or respond to it.


Thanks for your time,
Mark Hans Avon