Post Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:16 pm

Hi There. From Canada.

Hey there. I am a fan of art and drawings from Canada. I am just amazed at the talent out there and like most people appreciate it as well :). Like it says in my signature, I got my love for art rekindled when I saw how some people were able to draw amazing pictures on "Draw Something" app. And because of it I have been cruising around looking for beautiful drawings!

I also decided to make a website (my first!) with a collection of some awesome drawings. It is and the link is in my signature.

Can't wait to see all the talent on this forum!

Maybe I'lll even try drawing some :P Although I think I have more natural talent for music. hehe.
Love art of all kinds. Got inspired to make a website after playing "Draw Something" and seeing how many amazingly talented people there are out there!