Post Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:15 pm

Howdy From a New User!

Howdy everyone!
Was surfing around looking for new art places and stumbled upon this one!
Little about me, I used to work as a consultant and woke up one morning in a couple of different ways, hated the job I had and woke up from "sleep". Quit the job, went back to school and now I hold a BFA in ceramics & sculpture. Worked a bit as a ceramic technician making ceramic units for a purification lamp company and now I work freelance contracts doing various web related work. Come fall I will be going back for a degree in Visual Communications!!
So now that I have spilled THAT much of my life to you, here are a couple WIP's of work I have done in the past.

And this set of 5 skulls were slip molded from a multipart plaster mold I had made.