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Hy everyone , new one in search for knowledge is here

:) Hy everyone, as you can see I'm new here.
I'm from Croatia and even thou I understand alot of english, it's a bit harder to write it down. I don't mind if you tell me when I wrote something wrong or in a strange way..just feel free to tell me, so I can improve in english language too.

Ok, I'm not that good at introducing myself so I'll skip to something currently more important to me.

I'm in serious search for some tutorials, pdf books, real traditional books about DIGITAL ART, mainly in Photoshop (I'm using CS3, but it's not that big difference if you gave me reference to CS4, CS2 material or upcoming CS5 :D).

So, let me explain a bit further. I have alot of photoshop tutorials where they show how to manipulate photos and so on, and I do have tutorials about traditional drawing, painting ( Loomis, etc) but what I really search for is some very detailed material about digital art - how to do all those wonderfull stuff in photoshop people do and post them on devianArt, etc. So I'm talking about game concepts, fantasy creatures ( dragons, orcs), landscapes, females and so on.
There is game on Facebook called "Castle Age", that kind of art I'm intrested in :)

So if you can help me out , even a little, please feel free to do so :) I'll stay here on this forum from now on to collect / share knowledge with you people.
One more thing I just have to mention.
I have graduated IT high school, but you know you don't learn some real stuff there in those schools :D, so I'm at home currently increasing my web design, development skills, some programing, Flash aswell and to add some suggar on all this, I'm also intrested in art. It's a bit too ambitious from me to be good in all those areas, but I have some real ambitious (and greedy ) dream to make successfull facebook game (or just browser based game, I'll see) fantasy themed with story, world and characters I made (draw,paint :) )
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