Post Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:07 am

Hello I'm ElsaVonNarbe

Well hi everyone

My name is Elsa, I am ElsaVonNarbe on the internet!
I'm 19 and i'm trying to enter an art school.
I have been drawing since i was able to hold a pencil, and i always search for new tips, new advices, and i want to improve!

I'm part of the Deviant art community, here's my page:

just let a comment if you take a look! Thank you :]

I don't know much about painting or other techiniques but pencil :/
I have just begun practicing acrylic and aqua-pencil
I did some stuff with digital tools too, I've been offered a graphic tablet and I got Photoshop CS3.

Well, that's all about me!
Ask me if you'd like to know something more!

thanks for reading