Post Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:26 am

hi :)

I have always done drawing and remember even getting in trouble in 1st grade for drawing in my coloring book. :P I come from an artistic family; my dad sketches pretty well and my mom did painting for a while before life just got too busy; my sister does very good sketching/colored pencil drawings and it is to her that I own most of the encouragement I received. I didn't really "get good" until around 17 yrs when I finally understood shading and blending!
I have done sketching with a mechanical .05 pencil for several years now and am just now starting to work on using colored pencils. I also began working with oil pastels which I found in the closet ( :oops: ) from many years ago. I feel I am just getting my toes into something exciting. :)
Other than art, I live on a small farm in the Midwest and do almost everything imaginable from hand milking cows, delivering calves and lambs, (etc.!!!) to playing with a bull frog in a water tank after dark with water proof flashlights feeling like I was 6 yrs old again. lol.
I also play violin, viola, mandolin, piano, and...I sing. :) I spin and do all sorts of fiber arts including bobbin lace. And yes, I do have a little hobby...of collecting insects, butterflies, and moths.