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Hi Guys - Not sure where to post in here?

Hi guys,

I am currently draw with the aid of a graphics tablet. Eventually I would like to paint. Whilst I am using a graphics tablet, my intention is to remain as free hand as possible, although I have already used various techniques to assist with lines here and there. I am not sure how I feel about that at this point. I would like to get into CGI at another time, but first and foremost I need to learn how to draw.

The following is one of my first attempts at drawing something on my desk ... I note the straight lines I was able to obtain using the computer to help guide me, and I kind of got fixated on the detail in the lamp itself. However I must admit, I enjoyed the sense of freedom that came at the end as I quickly just painting in a background without suing any tools at all. The fact I am using my computer to draw should not mean that I can not draw free hand, but none the less I can see how and why such various methods use to draw may be categorized leaving those whom are sketching on a graphics tablet, unable to share with those on paper ...

Digital Attempt with line assistance in photoshop:

Simple sketch on using shapes and contour lines with hatching - free hand only:

In summery, I got carried away with the lantern above ... fixated if you will and then just threw in the background ... I am hoping if I just stick to the basic concepts of free hand drawing as with my attempt with the hat there, am I able to post in this forum under your drawings section - or should I post my drawing attempts in your Digital Section only?

OR ... do you know of a place dedicated for Drawers who Use Graphics Tablets specifically? DeviantART is not for me though ... I am subscribed to enough places and can not afford much else. I just want a place I can share my drawing attempts, regardless of using a tablet or not. My eventual goal is to paint both on my computer and with real life material. Whilst I have a desire for CGI graphics ... I am aiming more for real life textures, which I have seen many works completed on the computer using like wise brushes strokes.

Nice meeting you all.