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A new pencil wielder

Hello gentlemen, gentlewomen: I am Yanguria, I am a 16 years old boy coming from Italy. You can call me Mario, though (No, this' not a lie).
I would be most pleased to join you while, once again, I embark on a journey filled with digital ink and graphite (Digital art enthusiast)
This is the first time I've ever joined a community of artists and I do look forward to the experience that you can give me, and aswell that which I can give you: I will do my best to learn and teach but as of now, I will limit myself to learning as I have been struggling for the whole time.
I really look forward to being a part of a community of creative individuals, see you on the battlefield~!
My deviantart
My latest drawing
A comment about the gallery:
I haven't drawn since June, It is true.
Today I have drawn once again, today I felt very sad and I couldn't resist the canvas, it was screaming "Convey your feeling on me, violate me with your desires" to me, and I couldn't refuse the invite. And so here it is, she is a girl from a webcomic called "Girl Wild's" and she also is my favorite character. I had just finished reading and I felt sad, for some reason, I kept thinking about this character and how much I liked her concept, so I just took all of my skills and I drew her, after months of inactivity due to a block that I just couldn't bring myself to overcome.
Heh, sorry for filling dis` with text, perhaps you had fun reading.
I truly look forward to working with all of you in every context possible, wait for me~!
EDIT: I wish to continue drawing regularly from now on, please give me all the criticism you can give, I will take it to my heart!
PPS Currently studying Loomis' "Drawing the figure for all it's worth"