Post Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:45 pm

Hello from Texas

Very happy to have found this board tonite. I am into drawing - I've done alot of art forms over the years and drawing gives me alot of pleasure. It did until I saw how much better I could be doing these drawings. My daughter asked me to draw her girls. the first one was a breeze and caught the image of that sweet girl. The second one just was a problem from the beginning. I drew at least 30 trying to define my sweet granddaughter. It ain't happening. Your tutorials are awesome adn I'm eager to learn more to better my work. I think I'm one of those people who has no talent zip, nil, zero but I LIKE to draw so have practiced enough to be able to tell if something is a bird or an elephant. But I want to get better. These pictures I've made are ghastly. MY family is good at giving me unsolicitated comments and hasn't been real helpful. I already see the problem in mine from the tutorials I've seen so far. I try to hard and didn't know how to shade properly. I'm excited to try out what I learned tonight. Many thanks for making this place a haven for those of who are pencil pushers. Sincerely,