Post Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:51 pm

Hello - honored to be a part of this forum

hello everyone my name is Aiman and I want to be able to draw the human figure in any pose that I want. I love to look at the drafts of Raphael (School of Athens etc) and Leonardo, Jim lee etc.

I draw everyday, just want to know, can anyone recommend a software that I can download that can atleast help me in putting a figure in different poses and looking at it in grid form and line form with shadows (and from any angle), I should have those options I mean. I got the idea from the phone app called Poser Tool 3D. It allows a person to set up a pose and look at the figure in grid form, line form...from any angle. Basic stuff...I think when I am at a coffee shop, park etc it is great to draw using just my laptop and this software. (My phone would be too small plus that app (poser tool 3D) is not compatible with my phone CPU)

I will be joining a human figure class in June and so I need to prepare !! I need to atleast know about basic perspective, angles on a human figure and I want to work with different poses that I make the computer model appear myself.

please can anyone recommend such a software, something basic would do ? Thx