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Frequently Asked Questions

I seem to get asked alot of the same questions so I made this page to answer some of them :)

Q - How long have you been drawing?
A - I started drawing seriously in 2004. Before that I just doodled and I was more interested cartoon type drawings.

Q - Did you take drawing classes?
A - No, I am completely self taught. I do wish that I had gone to art school though.

Q - Do you do commissioned drawings for people?
A - Yes, I do. You can swing on over to the pricing page for details.

Q - Will you draw me something for free?
A - Unfortunately, no I can't. I am always busy working on something new, be it a commission or a personal drawing. I am always taking suggestions though. So if you think of a great idea just send me an e-mail.

Q - Can you critique some of my drawings?
A - I would prefer that you sign up for my drawing forum for critiques. I get alot of mail and, though I try, I can't always give you a lengthy critique. I just don't have the time. However, there are lots of members on my message board though that may give you some pointers.

Q - What kind of paper do you use and where can I get it?
A - I use Fabriano Hotpressed Watercolor paper and occassionally I use Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper. For my pastel works, I use Canson Mi Tientes I get it from www.dickblick.com

Q - How do you get your drawings online? Do you use a digital camera or scanner?
A - I use both. Sometimes my scanner works better, sometimes my digital camera. I use a Canon Canoscan 8400F Scanner and a Nikon D40 SLR digital camera.

Q - How do you get your initial outline onto the paper?
A - I use the gridding method. Gridding involves placing a grid overtop of your reference photo and placing a grid onto your drawing surface. Then drawing square by square until you have the outline.

Q - Isn't gridding cheating?
A - No, not in my opinion, but I have heard people say it is. Old masters like Michaelangelo used gridding on the Sistine Chapel. If Michaelangelo grids, I can grid. :)

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