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Grand Rapids Pencil Artist Brian Duey

You've entered my bio page. This page is intended to give visitors a little bit more information about me, my life, and my accomplishments in art. Everyone's got a story, here's mine.


My name is Brian Duey. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I attended a public school in a small village called Grandville where I was first introduced to art. I was never serious about it growing up but discovered a love for it in my early 20's. I was sitting around the house one day and decided to get out a pencil and draw. I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to do it all the time. With every drawing I did, I got a little better. I developed my own techniques and tricks along the way. I strive to produce realistic looking drawings and add my own conceptual ideas too. I often get asked if I ever took any art classes. The answer is, no, I am completely self taught.

My work has been published in books and greeting cards, on CD covers, and in various magazines. I have been doing commissions since 2005 and I've done work for clients all over the world. Most of my commissions come from the United States, the UK, and Canada but I have shipped works as far away as Ireland. My work has been featured in galleries in the United States. In 2007 I was asked for a portrait of Britney Spears to be featured in an art gallery in Hollywood, California. This event was covered by MTV and gained me a lot more exposure. In 2010 I was commissioned by Detroit Lions player, Cliff Avril to do a colored pencil drawing for him. I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon with my artwork. There are plenty of opportunities that await. One of my goals for the future is to get an instructional drawing book published.

Me presenting Detroit Lions player, Cliff Avril, with his finished colored pencil piece

Today I live in a small town 45 minutes North of Grand Rapids called Howard City. My house is located in the middle of the woods with riverfront property. I could not ask for a more beautiful and inspirational setting.

Some graphite pencil artists that I really admire are Matti Kataja, Linda Huber, Paul Lung, Isabel Chiang, Zindy S.D. Nielson, JD Hillberry, and Mike Sibley. My favorite pencil artist of all though is a man named Armin Mersmann. He is a professional artist who lives in Midland, Michigan. Armin is very accomplished and is currently rated in the top 100 graphite artists in the country.

I am a music lover also. I draw alot of inspiration from it. I am a huge fan of indie music and I'm always searching for new artists to listen to. Some of my favorite musicians are Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate, Counting Crows, Waking Ashland, Copeland, David Gray, Dashboard Confessional, Damien Rice, Making April, Oasis, and Matt Nathanson. When I am drawing I am almost always listening to music.

When I am not drawing I try to enjoy life. Some things I like to do are spend time with friends, go to the beach, go river tubing, biking, rollerblading, ice skating, hockey, baseball, running, tennis, and riding my 4 wheeler. I am new to photography but I have really enjoyed it so far. When the weather permits, one of my favorite things to do is golf. It's my passion aside from drawing.

About the site:

Dueysdrawings.com has been online since December of 2004. I started the website to showcase my drawings. When I registered my domain name in 2004 I knew nothing about websites. I studied HTML tutorials on the web and learned how to code. This website was built and is maintained by me. Year by year, I add more and more content. The tutorials section was started in 2006 and is one of the most popular sections on the site. I am constantly updating and adding to this section. This website has become a part of me. It is here for the long haul and will be available, God willing, for years to come. I enjoy sharing my artistic journey with everyone.

The ads on this site are what keep it afloat. Commissions are nice too but the ads really help out. I recieve a good amount of traffic through this site and the ad money allows me to pay my hosting and domain fees every month. If you want to help support this site I ask that you order your art materials through one of the Dickblick links on this site. Dickblick is a company that I have dealt with for years. Not only are they cheaper than any other art store, but they are very quick with processing and shipping. They are the only art materials supplier that I would buy from and the only one I vouch for.

If you ever find anything that doesn't work or sound right, please let me know about it. I code everything myself, go over it a second time, and then post to the internet. Sometimes I miss something.

Thank you everyone for all the support. I really do appreciate you taking the time to visit! :)

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