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Pencil Drawings (2005)

You have entered the 2005 drawings page. Here you will find most of the drawings that I completed in 2005. I learned quite a bit this year. My state of mind changed alot too pertaining to how I view things. My eyes had become alot more trained than in 2004. I started noticing highlights and shadows and began to understand how they work together to create form. I learned a little bit about focus and how it can give depth to a drawing. I am carrying on these ideas to 2006 where I hope to build on them. As I got better, I started drawing bigger too. My biggest drawing of 2005 was 14"x20". I will hopefully work bigger in the coming years.

heaven and hell eva longoria mac dre elvis presley christina milian shy nikki shannon elizabeth brian duey Carmen Electra Neil Young Kim Brian Duey chevelle Lindsay Koster Lacey Chabert Dayna Abortion Avril Lavigne kate beckinsale Death Sticks Lacey Chabert cat nap Jennifer Love Hewitt whiskeylullaby jessica simpson Jill and Jimmy josh skipp luna broken Take a Pull Take a Shot Jennifer Love Hewitt Vanessa Marcil Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt commission drawing baby dylan Jessica Simpson Next Door Nikki Hallie and Phil Britney Spears Brad Hopkins Lacey Chabert Kenny Groeneveld

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